Wednesday, June 20, 2007


NBC wants 16-19 year olds that want to move in with each other??? Seriously? I don't get this. 16 yr olds are kids, not legal adults and NBC wants them to live together for a show? Shouldn't 16-18 year olds be in high school - preparing for college/Military/job... really, I don't get this. And look after babies??? Who's babies are they and why are these teenage strangers going to be looking after them??? I guess the fact that it's NBC shouldn't be that shocking - they want to give Rosie O'Donnell a show.
New Teen Reality Show - Now Casting
NEW NBC EDUCATIONAL TELEVISION PROGRAM - NOW CASTING!Are you between 16 and 19 years old and in a relationship?Would you like to move in with your boyfriend or girlfriend and have your own money and independence?Are you and your partner ready for adult life and everything that goes with it?NBC is looking for outgoing teenage couples eager to experience life as an adult. If you would like to live in your own house, take on adult responsibilities and temporarily move in with your partner as well as look after babies and children, then this is the show for you!If interested email us a recent photo of you and your partner, a brief bio and a description of your current living situation to

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Violence Worker said...

You'd have to think there was some hefty liability issues involved here with minors involved.

I don't have any kids that age, but I gotta tell ya, I'd do everything I could to keep my kid from participating.