Monday, July 23, 2007


As a follow-up to my story below about Summer Child Care I have quite the experience to add.
Last week my 11-yr old daughter was attending a local Boys & Girls club camp. Almost everyday they go on field trips. The trip on Wednesday turned into a potential disaster of the worst kind. The club went to the Seattle Center Fun Forest and apparently the policy of the Boys & Girls Club is to drive them and basically drop them off. My daughter was put into a group with other 11 year olds and some 12 year olds. That's it. No camp counselor, no adult, not even a counselor in training was with the kids. These kids don't even necessarily know each other. My daughter got separated from her group while waiting for a drink at a food station. She was scared but did the right thing. She saw a Seattle Police Officer and told her that she was lost. The Officer asked her a few questions and then....??? She told my 11 yr old daughter that was scared and lost to continue to wander around to try and find her group. Beautiful. When I called and talked to her Sgt he was very sorry and that he would talk with her to explain her duties as a Police Officer.
Thankfully she kept her wits about her, didn't freak out and did see someone that she knew from camp. The Boys & Girls Club never even knew she was lost.
When I contacted them they said they were sorry for the miscommunication. The miscommunication was that I was not aware that they routinely drive kids to field trips and then drop them off with almost NO supervision whatsoever.
They are sending me my money back and she will NEVER go to any camp that follows this policy but I can't get out of my head what could have happened - or what could happen to the next kid.


Violence Worker said...

My God! That is just horrible! Are they just stupid or what?

Wonder if the Seattle cop thought your daughter was an illegal? That was one stupid cop as well.

Is that even legal????

I'd be at the bus stop the next trip warning the other parents!


Kelly said...

Not likely - she's blonde. I don't know if it's legal - good question. I asked that they send a flyer out to the parents letting them know that this is routine for them.

Anonymous said...

Surely, the most ignorant part of this whole horrible (for your daughter) experience is that you didn't even know what the policyvof the Boys and Girls Club that you were sending YOUR OWN FLESH AND BLOOD TO was?

I mean, come on! I would never send my son to anywhere that wasn't double vetted by my wife, and TRIPLE vetted by myself.


Jeez, someone should slap a child endangerment suit on you!

I hear that's possible under the latest version of the PATRIOT ACT, so come on some local god-fearing citizen, let's make these uncaring alleged MOTHER's pay!