Monday, July 30, 2007

Being one of the Select

Select soccer has been a learning experience for us. The kid has only played in "for fun" leagues and it was obvious that she was wasting her talent there. After games sometimes people from the other team would say things like wow - you're really fast. At her final few games last year on her school team she would score 3,4,5 times a game. It was a little embarrassing actually. She would completely dominate the other team. There was some jealousy and resentment from her own team mates too - girls can be so bitchy. Finally she got to try-out for a Select team locally where we live. Ah.... so this is where the real soccer players play. She was noticeably behind in foot skills and her knowledge of the positions. Her strong suit is her speed - it's crazy and she has an obvious natural ability. It was a three day try-out and she worked her ass off. She worked harder those three days than I have ever seen her work on the soccer field. She is 11 and was asked to be on a U-13 team, I think she is the youngest on the team. It's been tough on both of us - with a steep learning curve. It's expensive - I've paid about $2,000 since April, and it's time consuming with practices and tournaments - I've put in for 72 hours of vacation time. Her coach is great - that's him standing next to her - they are the same height.
She has improved quite a bit and hopefully will be able to get to play the forward position sooner than later. She is also going to play on her schools team - that will be really interesting since she has improved so much from last year and the REC players experience can't compare by any means to a Select player and the experience they have.

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