Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Dog days of Summer

That is what I used to think of Summertime. Now, quite frankly it's become a pain. It's hot and I stil have to go to work. The kid is 11 going on 12 and it's a bitch trying to find a decent Summer camp. I have certain criteria and it's tough to get what you want:
1. Quality of camp and counselor. Most of the camps I've seen aren't great. They tend towards ghetto.
2. Cost. Most are $150-ish a week. And even those are ghetto.
3. Location. It has to be close to my work - but also on the way home as we have to get to soccer practice on time.
4. Time of operation. The sport camps run 9-3 - not workable as I have a job. Most are open 7AM-6PM. Thankfully my kid doesn't have to be there that long.
5. Quality of her fellow campers.
It's tough finding all of that and some of those items have to be bent some. Thankfully Summer is over soon and she'll only need around 4 more weeks of camp. The only good thing about Summer these days is baseball season.

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