Monday, July 02, 2007

My thoughts to her husband

Me and most of Seattle can't stand Pay-Rod. One of the most fun Mariner games I have been at was the first game that Pay-Rod played after he screwed us over. People went crazy, throwing money, both real and fake. Dave Valle - the M's former catcher said he got about seven bucks at the game. I lost my voice from booing.

Pay-Rod got caught in a few locations with a trashy looking bottle blonde recently and I can't help but think that sentiment on the shirt his wife chose to wear to Yankee Stadium was directed towards her husband - if not they should be.
Being Pay-Rod's wife she got away with it, anyone else would have been kicked out or made to change. At Safeco Field we can't wear t-shirts that say Yankees suck (which they do). I enjoy swearing and do it often. Would I wear a shirt that said Fuck you on it? No.

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Mike said...

I saw that the next day, some reporter wore the same shirt and she got kicked out late in the game. The only thing sadder than Arod and his wife is the way that MLB conducts day to day business anymore. Next think you know, Bonds will hold some record.