Monday, July 02, 2007


Most things are not that hard to figure but this has me stumped. There has not been a MLB Manager that has quit during the season with a winning team since 1901. Yesterday the Mariner's own Mike Hargrove did just that.
Yesterday after 37 years of baseball he decided in 10 days that he was done. Done with the Mariners, done with baseball. His claim is that he just doesn't feel the passion for the game any longer. I have two things to say to that, 1. Bullshit and B. If it's not Bullshit you need to see a doctor. Maybe get on some sort of antidepressant medication? I'm sorry to see Hargrove go and hope all is well with his family but this is LAME. Just up and quit??? His wife was interviewed and gave a laundry list of things that they will be doing this Summer, like visiting their vacation house in Mexico and throughout the interview kept saying, he's never been able to do that in the Summer before. Who wants to go to Mexico in the Summer anyway - it's way too hot!!! I couldn't help but think, cry me a river. Instead he is abandoning his team when they are playing very well. I hope the team does not suffer from his leaving. Watching the interviews with different players yesterday they were as stumped as I am.
Good luck Grover. Enjoy Mexico.
GO MARINERS!!!!!!!!!! A very big welcome to our new Manager, John McLaren!!!

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Jenn of the Jungle said...

That is rather odd, but Mexico is quite nice this time of year, cocktails on the beach....ahhhh.