Monday, July 16, 2007

Them and Us

I'm very Pro-Death penalty. Murderers. Serial Rapists. Pedophiles. Why do we needs these things on Earth? However, the Saudi way has even me feeling ill. They behead. Just lay on down and wait for the swish. Christ almighty the anticipation must be brutal. I had my eyes checked last week and y'all know the test where they blow a puff of air into your eye? I thought that was tough anticipation. I know there's lots of people that watched Americans be beheaded online - not me. There's not money enough in the world to get me to watch that on YouTube. No. Those images wouldn't ever leave my brain and I cannot live that way. I know what Americas enemies are capable of, I can't see it first hand.
While I would love to see child killers like the animal that buried Jessica Lundsford alive suffer more than getting an injection that basically puts him to sleep - this is not the way for any civilized Country to behave. The quote from the guy who's family has had the job of beheading for years says it all, "a very ordinary profession, just like any other profession." Yep, lawyer, accountant, teacher, firefighter, beheader.
Dirty for dirty indeed.

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