Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Three Out

What a beauty. Yes, there's a lot of baseball yet to be played this season - I'm not going to put the jinx on my Mariners so I'll just say things are good. I'm going to a few games in the next few weeks, the first will be Mariners vs. Red Sox in the Diamond Club. The best seats ever. When I win the lottery or marry a kazillionare I will buy Diamond Club seats every year. The second game I'm attending will be a work outing. This year the Boss had me plan a trip to Safeco Field for the department - not a hardship. Should be pretty fun - even with the people I work with - family is included so the kid will come along. I keep score at games with my own scorebook and I love it - dream job: Official Scorekeeper for the M's. How does that work anyway? Do you go to school for it or just have to know the game and know someone that works for the club?
Go Mariners!

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