Monday, July 30, 2007

Who's bed have your boots been under

Another Soul2Soul tour... blah blah blah... how boring. The title is: Faith defends her man. Watch the video for yourself. I find it a little pathetic and not very professional. It comes across as a wife being insecure to me. I used to act like this and get all defensive with my ex-husband and looking back it was because I didn't trust him.

When your husband portrays himself as a sexy guy that wears TIGHT leather pants or just as tight jeans with a t-shirt that would fit a 16 yr old - or a leather (?) shirt that is unbuttoned all the way down his chest ala David Hasselhoff... what do you expect??? Women will like it and act accordingly. I doubt this is the first time his balls were grabbed - more like this is the first time you've seen it and it was right in front of you. Deal with it. You're a multi-millionaire, you're gorgeous, have 3 cute girls and most people would love to have your life. So one drunk woman grabs your man - it's probably the only thrill she'll ever have - get over it. I'm not crazy about either Hill or McGraw anymore as they've gone the Hollywood-liberal route but this seems sad to me.

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