Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Boobs and baseball

Diamond Club at Safeco Field is always a success. Sadly the M's lost but other than that it was a great night. Weather was perfect, food was good and the seats were stellar. M's played the Red Sox so the crowd was pretty split on who they were rooting for. I wouldn't be myself w/out having a few complaints on the night...
I'm a fan of fake boobs. Have nothing against them, or anyone that gets some plastic surgery. I might do it myself if I could afford it. That being said... Safeco Field is not the place to put your (too) big fake boobs on display for all to see. A woman seated down the row from us had her twins out for all to see. And of course they weren't the only thing she was showing. She also had on a shirt that would fit my 11 yr old and super low rider jeans that hit her pelvic bone in front and hit way lower than her tramp stamp on her lower back.
She was a Boston fan, had the Boston cap and the big foam hand/finger thing so when Boston would do well she'd bounce all of her up and down - it's a wonder that she did not get a black eye or chip a tooth on those mondo boobs.
Save the (way) too small clothes for the bars.
And yes, in the picture you can see the screen that is up - we were 4 rows back from home plate.

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