Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Not surprising

UPDATE: He has been found safe after 2 nights in the woods.

This poor kid. His poor parents. They sent him to a summer camp and they lost him. Hmmm... sound familiar - oh yeah - that's what happened to MY kid. Luckily for me my kid was only lost for about an hour and she was able to help herself and found her group again. She's at a new camp now but what do ya know - yesterday they took a trip, the counselors sat around in one spot and the kids wandered around on their own.
These camps DO NOT watch these kids. They take them somewhere, drop them off and assume that the kids will make it back to the meet up point for the drive back to the camp to be picked up by their parents. My daughter went to the Boys and Girls camp and that is EXACTLY what they do. They allowed my 11 yr old to be with kids only in a group at Seattle Center. She got separated from her group and wandered around on her own.
It's not surprising this kid got separated from his group and is now lost. The only surprising this is that this does not happen more often. I hope he is found soon.

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