Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Paying the piper

I've had my own issues with child support. My accrued amount got up to 30K w/o a hope of ever receiving any money. My ex is totally gone - hasn't seen my daughter in 10 years - she's 11. Due to the VERY generous offer of his parents - my ex-in-laws - they are paying the back support and when that is paid off they have committed to paying me monthly. While I GREATLY appreciate their money I also know that it is getting their baby boy off the hook. Knowing him I know that he has used his owing child support as the reason he didn't get a "real" job when in reality it's the pot he smokes every day and the lounging around playing beach volleyball for 8,10,12 hours a day.
This program denies people a new passport until the back support is paid off. The State of Washington was completely unable to ever find my ex - therefore could never get me any money so if the US Government can do it... all the better. Notice in the story two women from WA State are quoted - yeah... the Child Support Enforcement in WA is a JOKE.


sis said...

Yeah they are MORONS. Did you see this? http://www.komotv.com/news/local/9332131.html

Christy said...

Amazing, Sad, and most of all disgusting...they can all of a sudden afford to do their financial responsiblity when they want to go out of the country, which in and of itself says if they can afford to go on a vacation to another country...they can afford to be paying to help raise their child that THEY HELPED create.