Wednesday, August 08, 2007

She's not a guard dog

While Lizzie our Beagle is a sweet, and sometimes smart dog - she is not a guard dog.
I was robbed yesterday afternoon while at work. When I got home the dog was laying on my bed. I didn't know at first what happened as the lowlife asshole criminal only ransacked my bedroom. Every scrap of jewelry that I owned and was not wearing is gone. Also a portable DVD player and me and the kids passport. The dog and the cat were freaked out all night - me, not so much. Was pissed off that I had to clean up after the criminal - he emptied every drawer in my room. He was probably thinking this girl has a lot of crap. Burns me to think of my jewelry - I have insurance but most of that stuff I can't replace. At least the Deputy from the Sheriffs Office was cute.

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Jenn of the Jungle said...

Nothing like a cute deputy to make your day. I am so sorry. What a horrible violation of your personal space.

Stupid SOB. Probably a liberal getting a welfare check every month thinking once again he's entitled to what's yours.

Somehow those two furry critters do not inspire fear in me. My family has had Beagles since before I was born. The last one just died three weeks ago at 12. Too cute to be scary.

Once long ago when I lived in a house that had a dutch door. You know those ones that open on the top and the bottom stays shut. It was hot so I left it open.

I woke up about 1 am and heard my dog snarling in the living room. I got up to see if he'd cornered a cockroach or something (beach house/tropical climate).

Two guys were pressed against the wall clutching my TV. They were scared sh*tless of the dog. And I'll admit he looked fierce. (Big pansy). When he saw I entered the room he back into me like he was protecting me. It was scary and cool at the same time. These guys were no threat, as they looked like they needed to change their shorts, Diggz had them pinned. Turned out they were the lady next door's kid and a friend who'd been smokin' weed and sitting on her roof and saw my tv and thought it would be fun to steal it.

I had to let them out of the house to set the tv down because the dog would not stop growling while they were in.

The mom made the kid pay me a hundred bucks and weed my garden for 6 months. (Kids was like 20, loser, libtard.) LOL

Always felt safe with Diggz protecting my house. His bark could scare a lion.

Birdy, she's pretty good, getting better. I wouldn't break in. :)

I'm just glad you and your daughter are ok.