Friday, August 10, 2007

What are YOU doing for them

I just signed up with an organization called Soldiers Angels. They assign you a person in the Military that would like to have some contact with the US. I can't list his name or where he is on this site but I received an email from him today:
Hello I am XXX and I don’t really live anywhere. I have been over here in the XXX since September - it is real hot now. You work at a college - what do you do? I am an engineer/fire Marshall and fitness coordinator. Well I can’t think of much right now maybe some energy drinks, jerky and med white t-shirts anything. It is great to receive even this email to show you care! Thank you and god bless you.
I will be going shopping tomorrow for the things that he listed. It feels pretty cool to be able to do something for those that are doing so much for us.
What are you waiting for??? Sign-up today!!!


Kathi said...

Welcome to Soldiers Angels:) from another Angel!

Kelly said...

Thanks Kathi! And thanks for the mention on your site. I have been lucky so far as my Soldier has been able to email.

Jane said...

Welcome toSoldiers Angels, it's a whole new life style and mindset. You start buying a few thngs here and there for your soldier, then every trip is "I wonder if he needs / would like something like that!!" Bilpayor1