Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Blue Collar vs. White

I know. I shouldn't take pictures while I'm driving. Seeing these two side by side got me to thinking about guys and their different characteristics. While I very much prefer the guy on the left - the truck guy - I haven't been at all successful in picking guys. I'm now thinking that maybe I should go for the guy on the right - the Porsche guy. A little bit older, more mature and more money. Although truck guy - hmmm... hard to break that habit. Definitely am a Blue Collar Guy fan. Something to ponder as I am soon to start dating again after time off this Summer. Yes, time off. Dating is work - scheduling, finding a good candidate, interviewing, showing off your strong points and if it goes well hoping for a 2nd interview.

One major mark against this Porsche guy - he drove SLOOOOWWWWW. After I took this picture I quickly passed him.

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