Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Body and her genes in jeans

Love love love Heidi Klum. Love her on Project Runway, love her on anything Victoria Secret and while I love her new ad campaign for Jordache Jeans it is a bit depressing. Behold Heidi - aka The Body after giving birth to 3 kids. Good lord she is a marvel of great genes.

This is putting all you Mom Jean wearers on notice! Get rid of them!!!!!! Here are a few that I snapped at the last soccer tournament. God speed Mom Jeans - and good riddance!


Christy said...

I look more like picture 1...:X well the size of my butt that is, I do have some great Levi's that are so insanely comfortable that a friend of mine gave me and then I have some rather stylish jeans that I bought prepregnancy that I can get into again. I am sure I have 1 pair of "mom" jeans in my closet, but they've yet to way on me...they're my "I have nothing else clean so I'll have to wear them until I can drag myself to do laundry" jeans! LOL (my sweats would be dirty at that poing too! LOL)

Kelly said...

If only we could all bounce back from pregnancy like Heidi. Of course we can't afford nannies so that we can work out of hours each day and hire cooks to make us perfectly health meals. Oh well... I still like her!
It was surprising to see all the moms in their mom jeans - they are so unattractive and not at all flattering.