Friday, September 14, 2007


Nothing much happening actually... just a few items that have bugged me and/or I thought was strange. Just finishing the 2nd week of school. The kid is on two soccer teams - one is select and the other is the team for her school - that one is just for fun and exercise. It's almost a waste of time but she has fun. Of course girls being girls they give her some shit about being as good as she is. She totally dominates them. One girl is playing for the 1st time ever. It gives me some perverse enjoyment to watch her school the other girls - she's earned that as her select team has been a sharp learning curve and she's worked hard all summer.
Monday: soccer practice
Tuesday: speed and agility practice (starting in Oct)
Wednesday: soccer practice
Thursday: soccer practice
Saturday: 1-2 games
Sunday: 1 game
So - I'm busy all week until about 7:30 PM. That's when homework and dinner is done. Then showers and bed. I spend my lunch hours running errands: grocery store, post office and library when I need a book to read. The Post Office is always good for a laugh, an eye roll and me thinking "whatever"... on Wed the line was long and I got to listen to a pregnant woman talk about jury duty. It sounded like a great case but she got the boot as she was quite proud to say that it was because she told the judge she was against the death penalty. I laughed out loud at this and got a look from both of them. Hopefully once her baby is born her kid won't be abducted, raped, sodomized and buried alive - I bet she'd be pro-death then.
Anyhoo.... today I was standing in line and a woman that was filling out some paperwork gave me a total pissed off look after she was done and got behind me. I had no problem with her being in front of me as she was technically there first - who gives a shit. I could hear her sighing behind me but - tough shit for you if you don't have the balls to say anything. I'm not going to bail you out. I waited my turn, I wasn't right on the tail of the person behind me so then the same woman says to me - are you in line. Huh? What else would I be doing there? I just said ah yeah - duh.
Boring every day stuff. I'm beat and every day this week has felt like Friday. Not sure how/where I'm going to squeeze dating in.

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