Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Being Superman

Nothing feels better than giving/helping another. When I was a kid my mom made me help an old guy in the grocery store - he was on one or two crutches and was trying to push a cart around. Me, being a dumb kid did not want to go outside my comfort zone and help him. But, my mom made me and he was SO appreciative. Offered to buy me a soda. I felt really good about it afterwards. This story in the Seattle Times reminded me how easy it is to help someone and make their day. A (rich) Bellevue mom had bought 4 tix to the Hannah Montana concert last night in Seattle and instead of going with her daughter and friends they gave the tix away to Children's Hospital - the hospital had a drawing and two sick girls and their moms got to attend the concert for free. One girl has leukemia and the other has bone cancer.


sis said...

Oh how sad that makes me cry, but good lord what doesn't these days.

Kelly said...

It's such a sad thing to read about kids that are sick when you think about Jordan and how active she is.