Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Free hugs

While I have no doubt that he and I probably disagree on most everything - I love this idea. Strange I know as I'm not a huggie style person. Reading this and watching this video and reading his story I thought about people that struggle everyday with their own personal things - things we have no idea... money issues, job, husband, wife, kids, boss, buying groceries, if a lib will be President (shudder).... the list is endless. There are about a million people every year that kill themselves worldwide. A guy that I work with is funny, confident and a great guy - his wife is going through her 2nd round with breast cancer. She's gorgeous and is 36 yrs old. You would never know about his struggle and the grief that he must go through wondering if his wife is going to die and the knowledge that they can't have kids.
So... my point - watch the video and think about maybe being a little nicer to someone because you just don't know what they are going through and you may be the only person that has said or done something nice for them that day/week/year. Good advice for me especially. Before I saw this and watched the video there was no way I would hug a stranger with a free hugs sign - now? Definitely. I can't wait! In fact I may sign-up myself with my own sign.
May have to head to the nearest Police/Fire station for some free hugs.


CopTheTruth said...

You don't need a sign.... ;o)

Kelly said...

very nice Mike.

sis said...

Who kidnapped my sister and wrote her blog????

Kelly said...

hahaha.... watch the video. I changed my mind about it after I watched it.