Tuesday, October 23, 2007


When this happened:
http://kjw-today.blogspot.com/2007/07/stumped.html I was surprised. Totally surprised. He just up and quit. In the middle of the season. Just quit. A guy from the Seattle Times interviewed him recently and they talked about all the fun stuff Hargrove did after he bailed on the Mariners. Now he's talking about the dreaded Yankees and Cincinnati both needing a manager.

For all the enjoyment Hargrove is getting in being away from the dugout, he admits managing isn't out of his blood. The Reds' job across the state, recently filled by Dusty Baker, mildly piqued his curiosity. The Yankees' job intrigues him even more.
"I don't think they will call, but if they did, I'd have to listen," he said. "The Yankee job is the pinnacle of the profession. I have the itch to do it again. I really do. But it would really have to be the right thing."
Hargrove knows he can't guarantee the same feelings that led him to walk away once wouldn't reappear in a new situation. But he also can't help but wonder, like so many other Northwest athletes and coaches, if sheer geographic isolation wasn't a factor in his feelings.

So he bailed on the Mariners and us, the fans just because.... just because he was bored, tired and just didn't feel like being their manager anymore. Screw you Hargrove. And a word of advice to NY and the Reds - this guy is lame and a quitter - avoid him!

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