Friday, October 19, 2007

Things I don't understand about god

1. Why do some prayers get answered?
2. Why are bad things explained away as gods will?
3. How did a whale swallow Jonah and then spit him back out?
4. How did Noah's family re-populate the world after god destroyed everything?
5. If Noah did re-populate the world wouldn't that mean that we are all Jews?
6. If everything is gods will then why see doctors and try to be cured if it's gods will?
7. Why pray for someone to be rescued or cured or found safe? If it's god will then isn't the outcome already decided and by praying aren't you asking god to change his mind?
8. Since god rules the entire world isn't he freaking busy and how does he have time to answer yes or no to every prayer?
9. When really super bad people find god in prison when they die are they up in heaven with the "good" people? A murderer up there with his victim?
10. What in the world do you do up in heaven all day - every day? Play sports? Have drinks? Is it your body up there, do you eat and if you eat crappy do you gain weight? Can you get kicked out or can you request a new area of heaven if the people you are with are annoying? Is is one big room or a huge mansion? Cars, stores.... ???? Traffic?!?

These are just a few items that popped into my head. There's about a million more....

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