Thursday, November 01, 2007

All hail the king

My daughter has a natural ability for sports - soccer in particular. She is crazy fast for one thing. Unfortunately up until last Spring she has only played in REC soccer... or wreck soccer really. Last Spring she worked her ass off and got on a Select Soccer team. It's been a steep learning curve for her as she is going from being a big fish/small pond to being a small fish/big pond. I am a single parent and while I do have a ton of help from my sister and parents it's been tough getting her to various practices, traveling to games both in-state and out, training sessions etc. I took almost 80 hours of vacation last Summer to be able to take her to 3 and 4 day tournaments.
A training session is being offered to the girls, it's on a weekday and is from 5-6:00. I don't live that close to where our team plays - plus like a normal human, I have a job. This training was planned after I gave my input that my kid wasn't available - and to please find something as far away from 5PM as possible. Not sure why the king (team manager) even asked for our availability - clearly it didn't matter. When I enquired why it was set right when most people got off work - not even taking traffic into account and that my kid could not participate at that time I was told that my attitude was negative and it wasn't appreciated. Guess I'm just a hysterical female - not a parent of a team member. Silly me.


Violence Worker said...

I did a season as a Tee-Ball coach and part of another one. This ain't no where on the level as your daughter's soccer team, but it's a similar situation. At least you gave input. I begged the parents of my team to help me with the boys. I begged them to let me know what were the best times for them. The difference is, I was willing to work with the parents if they would work with me.

I took the next season only because no parents would volunteer. I begged for help as there was going to be a few games I would have to miss due to my job. (I was in the military). Not one parent answered my letter or showed up at a practice. All of a sudden, one gal showed up and started telling the kids to do something entirely different. I asked who the hell she thought she was. She said I was doing it all wrong. I said you are now the new coach, I quit. She said she didn't want to be the coach so I then told her to get herass off the field. She got mad and left andsent her hubby to talk to me because I was "disrespectful". I told him the same damned thing. Either take the job or shut up.

I didn't want to give up on the boys. Finally another parent said they would take the team.

I'm not trying to say that you are like those parents. Obviously you are not. You at least try to communicate. That coach needs to be reasonable and try to work with you.

All in all, that left a pretty bad taste in my mouth about coaching kids teams. I loved the kids, but most of the parents thought I was just another free babysitter.

I hope you can work something out. If he isn't willing to work with the parents, then maybe he shouldn't be coaching.


Kelly said...

yes, they did think you were just a babysitter.

This guy isn't our coach, he's the team manager. I wouldn't have gotten so put out if he had communicated with me in the beginning that that was the only time the location and trainer was available after I had sent at least two emails stating that 5PM was impossible. I'm sure he would not have liked it if it were HIS daughter that couldn't make this training. I knew he was a power tripping jerk the minute I met him.

sis said...

Yes you did call it out correctly when you first met him. His comments about being negative and "not appreciated" were totally uncalled for and not appropriate whatsoever.