Monday, November 19, 2007

I get comments too

Taking a page from a friends journal, thanks VW I am doing an entry on a comment I received about an old post. By the way VW - this asshole found me through your site He's from Brooklyn and spent a whopping 20 minutes 50 seconds on my site. That must be a record. The post from July, named Lucky. It was about when my kid got lost while on a field trip with the boys and girls club. Wow - nothing like blaming the victim(s).
Anonymous said...
Surely, the most ignorant part of this whole horrible (for your daughter) experience is that you didn't even know what the policy of the Boys and Girls Club that you were sending YOUR OWN FLESH AND BLOOD TO was?I mean, come on! I would never send my son to anywhere that wasn't double vetted by my wife, and TRIPLE vetted by myself.WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!Jeez, someone should slap a child endangerment suit on you!I hear that's possible under the latest version of the PATRIOT ACT, so come on some local god-fearing citizen, let's make these uncaring alleged MOTHER's pay!Sincerely,
I have a few responses:
1. I knew the policy. Or what they had told me that yes, the kids would have chaperons. After this happened the B&Gs club told me they did not fully explain that the chaperons would be other kids - they also told me that they weren't sure that other parents knew this and would be sending home a flyer alerting them of this.
2. So glad that you, Mr. Perfect and your perfect wife always know everything and would never make a mistake like trusting what an organization like the B&Gs club is telling you. Takes a real man and pretty easy to throw stones when you are perfect AND you criticize a working single mother by leaving an ANONYMOUS comment.
3. You revealed yourself to be just a crazy ass liberal by bitching about the Patriot Act.
4. Have no clue what you meant by the god-fearing citizen - probably some liberal dig on me with you assuming that is me. Sorry pal I'm an atheist.
Guy - go fuck yourself. No one is more cautious with their kid then me. Don't come back.


Violence Worker said...

I take no responsibility for this asshat!

These guys are drive bys. He left a crap message on mine in an old post. They shoot their mouth and never come back.


Kelly said...

haha... yeah, you're prob right. Good to know he won't be back.

Christy said...

My guess is this is one of those dad's who thinks he knows it all, tells his wife how much he knows, but ultimately is as uninvolved as they come. Oh he goes to the games and screams and yells like those crazy, idiotic parents (not yelling as in Cheering...but you know real yelling acting like a moron).

Definately a liberal too with the patriot act comment.

Jenn of the Jungle said...

LOL.... I had some guy come to my site and e-mail me because I used his annonymous comment from Crooks and Liars to make a point about retarded Moonbats. From 10 months ago.

He is stalking me daily now. He has contacted Google, Blogger and Haloscan and begged them to shut me down.

Kinda funny if he weren't so insane.

Clearly your commenter is a complete asshat.

Happy Turkey Day K!

Kelly said...

You're right about him Christy - what a kook.

Wow Jenn-totally freaky that he contacts you daily. I'm telling ya - shooting lessons.

sis said...

yeah Christy nailed it on the nose. Wow some crazy people out there!