Monday, November 26, 2007

No hindsight necessary

I did not know Brian or Beverly Mauck. Gorgeous couple that had tons of friends and family, had season tickets to the Seahawks and had been married for about a year. They were shot three times each in the head in their own home by a guy that had been in prison for killing his mother. He was suppose to stay in prison for attacking two guards but the (Boston) judge overruled that decision and let him go w/o bail - just on his own recognizance. He then broke his parole and came to WA state to marry a woman (seriously WTF lady???) he had had as his pen pal while in prison (for killing his mom remember).

* side note here: ARM YOURSELVES PEOPLE.

What is known is that 1. He killed his mother, stabbed her, 2. He attacked two prison guards, 3. He had threatened to kill then Boston Governor Mitt Romney.

Seattle Times: Chief Justice Barbara Rouse said Judge Kathe Tuttman applied the law to the facts before her when she decided to free Daniel Tavares Jr.
"Today, unfortunately, she is living every judge's nightmare: that a principled decision based on the law and the information provided to her was followed by tragic events over which she had no control," Rouse said in a statement.

1. It's a joke to say that she is living a nightmare. The family and friends of this young couple are the ones living a nightmare - forever.2. The info that I listed above was the info that she had... she had total control over this animal - why can't we be PRO-active with violent criminals???...gee a violent criminal that attacked guards and threatened our Gov. - let him out on a hope and a prayer that all goes well.

Again from the Seattle Times: Tuttman refused to order a monitoring system, saying she was presented with no evidence that he was a flight risk. She ordered him freed on the condition that he call probation officers three times a week, live with his sister and work.
The Maucks were found dead on the morning of Nov. 17, in the living room of their home about 16 miles south of Tacoma, with three close-range gunshot wounds to each of their heads. Court documents say Tavares told police he shot the couple after Brian Mauck insulted him when he tried to collect a $50 debt.

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