Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Perverted justice

Archbishop Murphys football team has had to forfeit their remaining playoff games - they went 10-0 for the season. The actions of one the players caused the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association to force Murphy to quit their winning season.
What egregious infraction did the Murphy senior commit? Drunk at a party? Arrested for a fight, car theft or selling drugs???
Nope. He had an expired medical exam. Yeah, really. His exam expired on 9/11 of this year. Who was the person responsible for checking those forms? The football coach at Murphy. He was a little bit preoccupied as he was dying of cancer - sadly he died on 9/12. Also, the school's athletic office had moved to a new location earlier that month. When Murphy found the error they self reported it.
Talk about injustice. In comparison two boys that play for another high school - Garfield HS have been charged with robbery. What happened to them? Their parents got to decide whether or not they got to play. Parents for both kids allowed them to play and the same Washington Interscholastic Activities Association has no policy regarding athletes who have been arrested, charged or convicted, leaving those decisions to school officials.

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