Tuesday, December 18, 2007


If I had extra money I would do what the State Bank & Trust in Fargo N.D. has done. The Bank Gives full-time Employees $1,000 to Spend on Needy. They are not allowed to keep the money and I doubt they would even consider that. While having an extra 1K would be awesome for me - it would be a lot more fun to give it away to people that need it more than I do. Just last night I was shopping at Walmart buying some candy (stocking) and dog food when I kept coming across a woman that was doing her Christmas shopping. In her cart were the lower cost baby dolls and other generic style toys. Later I saw her buying the same generic style cereal. Maybe she was just thrifty - ? - but I didn't get that sense from her. Yeah, Christmas doesn't have to be about buying a bunch of stuff and blah blah blah... tell that to some kids that get nothing. It would have been so rewarding and just plain cool to be able to give people like her a couple hundred dollars.


Jenn of the Jungle said...

You don't need that thousand bucks to give back.

A smile and conversation are all some of the lonely ones who live on the streets need. There's a Vietnam Vet who "lives" at the bus stop I walk past every morning with the dog. I have given him some change, and food, Christmas cookies and stuff. An extra sleeping bag, socks, clothes. "Stuff" we would just toss, but are still good and usable. And I let him pet my dog and chat a few minutes. Treat him like the member of society he is that so many want to forget.

And the animal shelters as well. They don't just need cash. Most on their websites have lists of THINGS they need. Like towels, old blankets,household items you may never use or are a little old that you've replaced. Check out your local shelters site. We all have things laying around that we don't use but others desperately need.

Merry Christmas!

Kelly said...

Yeah - I do that stuff too. Give stuff away etc... but sometimes only cash will do - my parents and sister have helped me many times in the past with cash for a bill or gas and it would nice to be able to do that for someone else. One thing that most everyone can give is their time. I'm still trying to figure out where I can do some sort of volunteer work.

Violence Worker said...

Merry Christmas to you and your daughter!


Christy said...

I agree with you, it'd be so wonderful to just be able to give. My friend Emily is working for the school district and she works in the resource center and part of her job was giving the children through her school Christmas! She loved to be able to be a part of it. Her own family often struggles, yet she was able to bless one particular family (momma is in her mid to late 20's and had a heart attack earlier this year and hasn't been able to work at a Dr. insisted stress-free job! seriously are there any??).

We have so many toys, clothing, etc and we have an orphanage off post we plan to donate some of our items to.