Friday, December 28, 2007

Girly man

I semi got into Hello Kitty as a kid. Didn't go crazy for it - just had a few things. Pencils, stickers and maybe a little jewelry box. There sure are some cute things. My kid never really got into it at all. She is a girly girl - but also kicks ass in sports. Check out their website and see if anything on that site speaks to men???
Yes, Hello Kitty is going to the dogs - oh whoops, so sorry... I mean men.
"We think Hello Kitty is accepted by young men as a design statement in fashion," he said.
The feline for-men products will go on sale in Japan next month, and will be sold soon in the U.S. and other Asian nations, according to Sanrio.
The usual bubble-headed shape of Hello Kitty was slightly changed for a more rugged, cool look to appeal to men in their teens and early 20s."Young men these days grew up with character goods," said Tohmatsu. "That generation feels no embarrassment about wearing Hello Kitty."
I so hope that isn't true.
Please - men, feel embarrassment for wearing Hello Kitty.

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Christy said...

My belief is that men are to be men, women are to be women... why people feel the need to blur these lines over everything is beyond me. Hello Kitty is for GIRLS! Nuff said!