Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy 2008

2008 is just about upon us. If you look closely you can see itty bitty people on the Space Needle. So not a job I would ever do - getting the Needle ready for the New Year's Eve fireworks show. I went down to the Seattle Center one year to watch the fireworks show. Boring, not worth it. The kid fell asleep waiting till midnight, it was raining, and the crowd was straight from Rainier Valley - won't be doing that again. Better to watch on TV.
For my new year I am planning the following improvements:
1. Be responsible with my money.
2. Up the walks with Lizzie.
3. Play/practice soccer with the kid. She schools me but... will be good for both.
4. Improve my employment.
5. Stretch more and be able to do the splits. Yeah, seriously.

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