Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Justice. Maybe.

I hate the term - if anyone deserves the death penalty he does. To me it says that this guy's victims are more deserving than this other guys. I believe they all deserve it - murderers, serial rapists, child rapists, cop killers - the list could go on....
Behold Joseph Duncan - things like him are what the death penalty was written for.
1. He stalked a family - including using night vision goggles.
2. He breaks in, kills with a hammer the mother, the mother's fiance, and the son/brother (13 yrs old) and kidnaps a borther and a sister (8 yr old & 9 yr old) for the intent to repeatedly rape them.
3. He kills the 9 yr old boy at some point after the abduction.
4. Amazingly, after being held for 7 weeks the 8 yr old girl is spotted and rescued. The only person that is still living from the brutal attack that killed three members of her family.
He just plead guilty and is still eligible for the death penalty. His victims deserve nothing less.


Violence Worker said...

I could carry out that sentence in some very cruel ways and sleep soundly afterwards

Kelly said...

Indeed. Would relish it as well. Could prob make a nice sum selling tix too.