Friday, December 07, 2007

What Goes Around...

Boy is it coming around for Lori Drew. Mrs. Drew is a 40-ish yr old wife and mother. She had some sort of business out of her home. Because of her cold, mean actions her customers have fled and she had to close her business, she has probably changed her phone and cell numbers at least once, rumor is that she hasn't left her house in a while. Her name, face, phone numbers for her and her husband including her husbands work place and their home address have been posted on the Internet and they have received many threats.
Her crime? She posed online as a teenage boy, struck up a friendship with a 13 yr old girl (her neighbor)- Mrs. Drew and her 18 yr old employee would send IMs and emails and would post on each others myspace page pretending to like her and the two of them became friends. Then one day Mrs. Drew had the fictitious "Josh" turn on 13 yr old Megan Meier. He didn't like her anymore, in fact he now hated her. Said the world was better off w/o her. Of course it wasn't Josh. It was a 40+ yr old woman. Megan had had some emotional issues and this was just too much for her. She hung herself in her room. Mrs. Drew had said that she did this to see if Megan was saying and writing mean things about her daughter.
What is the Internet world coming to? Girls can be very evil to each other I know. I talk to my 12 yr old all the time about avoiding the drama and tell her not to run other girls down and not to gossip. None of the shit that goes on in middle school and high school means anything in the real world.
I am so sorry for the Meier family that they had to lose their daughter. It's so sad that she felt she could not deal with this and chose to kill herself.
Mrs. Drew, rot in hell. You deserve to be shunned right out of that neighborhood.

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