Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Don't just stand there

I have an aluminum bat in my car. Yep, it's there as my just in case. I have often thought about it being there as I think that thinking about it prepares one to act. I still am unsure if I needed my bat if I would go for a head shot or a kidney, across the back - I just don't know that??? A mental dialogue I have going. When I talk to the kid about what to do if -fill in the blank- happens she used to get freaked out - so, I would tell her don't be scared, be prepared. Prepare yourself to act - mentally. Put yourself in the frame of mind so that you won't be like the passive people in story number one listed below:

Young 22 yr old woman, attends UW and at 7AM she goes out to move her car. She is attacked with a freaking hammer as people around her see what is happening. They do nothing. Not one person did anything - didn't even call 911. This young woman had to get into her car and drive to a parking attendant down the street and asked him for help.
This 2nd story is the opposite. A woman was being harassed, a guy that was witnessing the event got on his phone - called 911. The freak that was harassing the woman turned on the guy/good Samaritan and punched him - he went down and suffered a head injury. I hope he recovers and


Violence Worker said...

I Can't believe someone wouldn't even call 911!! That's liberal Seattle for you. Tolerance - even for muggers and rapists.


Kelly said...

You are right about that. Pathetic.