Monday, July 07, 2008


My kid. She is pretty brave. Not in a will risk her life for our country sort of way - she's 12 for pity's sake but in the - will go for what she wants sort of way, go way outside of her comfort zone sort of way.
After dominating in REC soccer - (please, REC??) - her and I found a try-out for a Select team on a Sunday and she went and worked her ass off for three days to get on a team. She did. She got on a "B" team playing with girls one year older than her - and she didn't know any of them. She had a great coach - super nice guy but the girls were not the least bit friendly. Bitches actually. When try-outs came up again a year later the kid wanted to try-out for a premiere league team - rather than the select league she had just played in.
I thought it would be better for her to stay with the same coach and the same girls so I had her try-out with the same team/league. She ended up being assigned to her age group: U13, but got to play on the "A" team. We weren't thrilled but were satisfied. Unfortunately, for various reasons the team was short on girls and just last week the team folded. UGH!
I made some phone calls and emails to the team/league she originally wanted and they had a few openings!!! The kid was invited to practice with the team last night and she kicked ass. The girls were so nice and were very friendly. They did a bunch of drills and had a mini-scrimmage and she did very well. She scored a bunch of goals so we shall see what happens. She'll practice with the team again on Wed and may play with them in a tournament this weekend.
Regardless of if she gets invited to this team or not - she is brave. I am very proud of her for going for it and for not settling for easy.


Rex Zeitgeist said...

Ha, great pic!

Good for her, sometimes it can be daunintg playing a year up in sports, but it's the quickist way to improve.

Jenn of the Jungle said...

OMG you have become SUCH a soccer mom now!!!

Kelly said...

Take that back Jenn!!! I am not not not.

Kelly said...

Rex - her yr playing up last season did her well even though the girls were NOT friendly at all. Not close. But she really liked her coach so she did learn a lot.
Tonight is the next try-out with the new team and I am really hopeful.