Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Being Right

UPDATE: my kid will be wearing a red shirt for this. A red shirt that says
"I don't drink the kool-aid"........

This was in my kids newsletter today.... blah. If it were really a free choice day I'd have her wear all black on 1/20. I am going to order her a RED shirt like the one shown.

Inauguration Day is January 20. . .and we will be wearing red, white, and blue that day in recognition of the Presidential Inauguration in Washington, D.C. This is a free dress day, and we want to encourage every student to dress in patriotic colors. Otherwise they are expected to be in uniform.

1. Is it Free Dress or not???
2. They didn't do this for Bush.
3. UGH!


Jenn of the Jungle said...

Screw That. Total rubbish. Totally free unless you suck up to Barry the wonder Schmuck.

Kelly said...

it's crazy. Will be interesting to see what happens with her shirt.

mystere's moonbat slayer club said...

Jenn has said it politely...Go Jenn! And by the way, I call him Barry Obumble!