Monday, March 30, 2009

GO ECFC - State Cup!

No, this pic didn't come from this past weekend. I never thought to take a picture as I was too freaked out, nervous, excited to take any.
We lost Sat, 0-1 and won Sunday, 1-0. Those two games were 3 hours away from each other too so me and the kid are beat today.
Now the good stuff - the kid kicked serious ass. She played the best I've ever seen - consistently for both games. She is pretty beat up from the two games - and she gave as good as she got. Had a little misunderstanding with the ref on Sunday and used some inappropriate language (have no clue where she learns those words) on the field after missing a goal but overall had an incredible soccer weekend.
Saturday is a must win game so it will be super intense. The kid is pumped.

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