Thursday, September 17, 2009

Being a good sport

We've been on both sides of this issue. We've gotten blown out (soccer) 6-0 and have blown another team out, also 6-0. Both times it was not a good feeling. When we were blown out, this past Summer the other team was clearly better than us and were in a higher league so it was no contest from the beginning. The most obnoxious part though was the parents. They cheered as loud from the 1st goal to the 6th. Not necessary. I don't get why any parent would get so jacked up to beat a team that is below you skill wise. What do their girls learn or gain from that besides exercise?
When we were the ones crushing the other team our girls were told to slow the game down a bit, and pass more often. They didn't stop trying but they didn't keep constantly shooting either.
Our team is competitive and always plays to win - I'm not spending 2K a year plus all the driving and waiting around etc for the kid to just go out there to have fun. She is very competitive and knows what her job is. But we also aren't there to demolish the other team - WHEN the other team is obviously below us in skill. Now if it's a team we play regularly and they are just having an off day - all bets are off, game on. I would expect the same from them.

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