Monday, September 14, 2009

REC vs. Premiere/Select

The kid plays on two soccer teams. One is the REC team with her school. The other is in a Premiere league. There are differences like the cost; REC is $65.00, Premiere is around $2K. REC is only two months long, Premiere goes from April-March every year. The practices are different - if you miss a practice in Premiere you don't start for the next game.
The main difference I have found is my attitude - I sooo look forward to Premiere games. They are exciting and some are really intense. I couldn't sleep well last year when we played in our State Cup games.
REC games..... Saturday was the kid's first REC game this year and it was painful. The girls bunched around the ball, the kid practically had to fight for the ball from her own player, while playing forward her coach told her to get back on defense. The kid's face and response was priceless' "But I'm playing forward"...........
I understand that it's for fun and it is good exercise, building her endurance and all that but it is tough. The parents don't help either as they are full on into it, yelling for pressure, defense, pass pass.... go get it etc..... on the Premiere team we aren't allowed any direction to the girls on the field - just positive comments.
It's frustrating for the kid too - it's tough going from a game where everyone knows there roll and position to a game where no one does.
We'll have practice Mon-Thursday and two games every Saturday for a while - then REC will end and the real fun begins.

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