Monday, June 11, 2007

The return of Junior...

Ken Griffey Jr. AKA The Kid... okay so he told Seattle long ago not to call him that anymore but it brings back such good baseball memories for me.
He's coming back to Seattle! My heart was broken when he left - I never thought he would leave and was shocked. He is coming to Seattle for three games, June 22-24.
Where will I be for this monumental event? Front and center at Safeco Field of course right??? Wrong (insert crying and bitching here). I will be in glorious Bellingham, WA for a soccer tournament. Ugh... the pain. I have tickets for Friday nights game and I am willing to suffer to attend the game. The kid's soccer game ends at 4:00 - so we will be on the road from 4:00 until however long it takes to get to Safeco Field on a Friday night. It's roughly 80-90 miles and I will be drinking a tall, cold frosty one (10) when I get there. Will be rough, but worth it to see my much loved and missed Ken Griffey.
Oh yeah... will be good seeing the kid play soccer too.