Thursday, August 27, 2009


I loathe liberals and I'm sure the feeling is mutual. Obama and his lib pals have decided to take over 9/11 and make it a day of helping others.... I'm all for helping others but they are taking 9/11 and turning it into a shiny happy day where, can't we all just get along instead of a day of rememberance of our fellow Americans. I looked up the day of good or whatever bullshit name it is and this is what I found for volunteer opportunities on 9/11 in Seattle:

1. Cat shelter
2. Office work
3. Board member
4. Teaching English to illegals

Pathetic and so typical of the left to hijack 9/11 for their own uses. Yeah I said hijack. Just ignore that day and what happened and it will all go away. Lets remember it as a day that some cans were recycled instead of what it was: