Wednesday, June 21, 2006


As an update to another post:

I am volunteering at my local USO and my first shift is coming up in the next week 8:00 PM - midnight.

I did a tour and a quick orientation last week and will get my training next time I go in. I know when I'm scheduled to go in, but for obvious reasons (read: liberal freaks, rapists, murderers, internet perverts and the like) I'm keeping that info to myself .

It's pretty cool actually. There are showers - with a ton of donated samples. Bunk beds, (there were four Soldiers sleeping and the other USO volunteer that was showing me around turned on the light and was talking to me in the room and none of the Soldiers moved - they were totally crashed). There's a family room with cribs and toddler beds, they were just able to re-do the room thanks to a donation from Disney.

I'll make ham and tuna sandwiches from donated bread from Gai's Bakery, cookies are available from whoever has donated them.

I will be, by about 25+ years be the youngest person working there.

Surprisingly the USO at Seatac airport if the only USO that is open 24 hours a day. The others are only open 12 hours a day.

Since I have a regular Mon-Friday job I'm dreading the midnight to 4 AM and the 4 AM to 8 AM shift but considering what our Soldiers do for me and mine.... it's the least I can do.

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