Saturday, July 29, 2006

Time Well Spent, with Sgt. Robison

This morning I started working my new regular shift at the USO, 4AM-8AM. Some advice, tuna before noon is not advised. I had to make 15 or so tuna sandwiches and that is just not a good smell at 4AM. Most of the Soldiers were totally crashed either in the bunks or on the couches. Air Force Sgt. D. Robison came in at about 7:00 on crutches, totally great guy from Alaska. He was waiting for his flight at 9AM. For whatever reason his airline would not bring a wheelchair up to get him so I went and got one. At 8:00 I loaded him and his belongings up and wheeled him down to security. The strange thing is the airport security ran him through the whole security check; padded him down, made him take his belt off (?) even gave him the chemical radiation thing test.... I said to them - you guys know he is Active Duty Military right? They gave me the ususal response, have to do this for everyone blah blah blah.... I thought it was pretty ridiculous but post September 11th and all...

I took him to his gate all the while he is telling me how much he appreciates it and how nice it is of me. He insisted that I take a donation and asked that I put it in the donation box back at the USO which I did. He could not have been nicer and I was so happy that I could help him out. Considering all that he does for all us and what we owe him it was the least that I could do. I tried to get him to take a tuna sandwich but he wasn't going for it.

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