Monday, August 14, 2006

End of Watch

Officer Barber was killed early Sunday morning by a woman driving an SUV 80 MPH in a 40 zone, she ran a red light and broadsided him.

The driver then slid out of the driver's seat and sat in the passenger's seat to try and make it look as though she had not been driving. She had a four warrants, one for DUI. This crash occurred at 4 AM. Gee.... sober or drunk?

Officer Barber had just graduated from the Police Academy five months ago. He was killed at the scene, the animal that killed him has a broken leg and ankle. This is such a waste. She is a worthless human being that contributes nothing to society.

He was a 26 year old Police Officer that was working in the ghetto of the C.D. I am truly sorry for his family and for the S.P.D.

UPDATE: The woman that hit and killed Officer Barber was drunk and had drugs hidden on her body. The prosecutor's office have said that they will request a exceptional sentence since she had only been out of jail (this time) for 10 days.


Jenn of the Jungle said...

I had a roomate a many years ago that was a chronic drunk driver. Frankly, a chronic drunk.

He would go out to the bars every single night and return home each evening drunker than a 2 bit hooker. Staggering in the door.

After a while, my nagging started to piss him off, because he didn't want to hear me the next day when he was hung over, bitching that he was not only risking his life, but everyone else on the road with him.

I gave him a choice, stop driving drunk, or I'll kick your ass to the curb, and will call the cops every night with a description of his car. It worked for about a week, and he came home drunk again.

When he left that day, I threw all of his stuff out and changed the locks. Unfortunately, that didn't help him. Last I heard he'd lost his job and was living in some boozers spare room. Sad, he was a nice guy years ago before the booze took over. Some people you just can't help.

Kelly said...

You're right, some people you can't help. My so called brother is one of those people and I'm hopeful that I never see him again for the rest of my life.

The problem lies when these worthless human beings who really are slowly trying to kill themselves with their addictions force their addictions on us normal people whether it be killing us with their cars while driving under the influence of something, or robbing and/or killing us for our hard earned money to buy drugs.