Monday, April 02, 2007

Play ball...Today is Opening Day!!!!!!!!

Today is always the best day of my life - Opening Day. This morning I awoke to something new that I've never had on Opening Day - no, not that..... snow. We had less than an inch and the streets were only wet but still - kind of a shocker on April 2nd.
I am so hoping that the Mariners have a decent year - yes, I'll settle for decent. I hope we don't lose Ichiro but it may be unavoidable. King Felix is starting today - first pitch, 3:35


Hellpig said...

you brat....enjoy the game

I looked for tickets for all 3 games this week all SOLD OUT :(

Kelly said...

Poor baby.... it's great yet surprising that the games are sold out - makes parking tougher though. Let me know if you ever need a someone to go to a game!!!

Violence Worker said...

Well it appears they are off to a blazing start.

That kid can pitch. Let's hope he's consistant. The Mariners always seem to lack in that department.


Mike said...

Hey gorgeous, they are already doing better than the Dodgers, so quit complaining!! ;o)