Friday, October 05, 2007

The American Flag

John A. Dix in a telegram from Washington, 1/29/1861:
If any one attempts to haul down the American flag, shoot him on the spot.
Three flag related items have come up this week, 2 in the news and 1 with me personally.
The first item was on Monday at work. On most days I wear an American flag pin. In the elevator a woman was staring at me and said out loud - "you know, after 9/11 we all wore flags on our shirts, you don't see that anymore". I said I wear my flag just about everyday. She asked me if I had anyone in Iraq. I said I didn't. She said, good for you. I think that's great that you wear a flag. I agreed with her.
The second item is the guy in Nevada that cut a Mexican flag down that was flying on top on the American flag. Great American and he should be proud of himself. What the hell is wrong with being proud of your country?
The third item came out today - liberal running for President, Obama. He says that wearing a flag isn't as important as what is in your heart.
To me the American flag IS my heart. I love my country and respect what the flag stands for, our freedom, our countrymen and women that have died for us to earn that freedom. Oprah's boy toy will not be President but besides that, show some pride in your Country - be proud of it, respect it.

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Violence Worker said...

I fly my flag in front of my house every day. However, my line of work makes it difficult to wear metallic pins.
The main point is being proud of the flag and not being ashamed of it like Obama appears to be.

It upsets me to go to public events and see people barely tolerate the National Anthem or even worse, show no respect at all.