Friday, October 05, 2007


While I am not able to volunteer with the USO anymore due to where I live and Select Soccer - I still support them and know first hand the value of the work they do. They are not run by the government and rely on donations from the American people. KIRO 710 has chosen them as their Charity of the Month:

Charity of the Month News Talk 710 KIRO is proud to announce the USO as October's featured "Charity of the Month!" Operating in more then 130 centers worldwide, the USO has been the bridge between American people and our troops for over 66 years. For information on volunteering or making a donation to the USO, click here and visit 710 KIRO's "Charity of the Month" web page.

Nothing is more important then our Military and the support they receive should be the best in the world. Dispite what many Liberals believe - we are at war and it will be a long battle against islamic terrorists and their religion of peace.
It's very humbling for a Soldier to give you a heart felt thank you.

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