Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Driving rants

1. The carpool lane isn't the fast lane. I go about 70 in the carpool lane and that is fast enough. Go around me if you don't like it. Ride my ass in the carpool lane and I will slow way down and then you'll really get pissed. I like driving fast as much as anyone but I don't do it North of Seattle anymore for a few reasons:
A. There are a ton of State Patrol. I see at least two everyday and have been pulled over recently for going 75 in a 60 - and no I didn't get a ticket.
B. I like my money. The faster you go the more gas you burn.
2. Don't change lanes in front of someone and then slam on your breaks because you were short sided that you didn't look ahead at the traffic.
3. At a four way stop - stop first, then when it's your turn go. Don't sit there to make sure the other drivers stop. Take your turn. If you don't take your turn I will either go on your turn or honk at you.
4. If a person lets you in front of them in a lane - give them a freaking wave already. That's the equvilent of a person holding the door for you and you don't say thank you. Incidently when people don't say thank you to me - I ALWAYS say YOUR WELCOME loud enough for the person to hear me.

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