Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 - Good riddance

While many good things happened in 2009 - the kid growing up for one and the babies born for another - not to mention Griffey coming back to the Mariners. I am saying good riddance to 2009. I hope to NEVER have another year like this year - not even the whole year though, from October 31st until December 29th - just under two months. The reason??? In less than two months we have had SIX Law Enforcement Officers murdered. Six. In two months. A friend asked me how I was, as she knows this is hard on me. It is, I don't know if it's because we grew around civil servants, my dad is a retired Seattle Fireman and we would spend hours at the station around his station family and cops were always there. My pain over these SIX murders is nothing compared to the LE community, their friends and family and especially the THIRTEEN children that has lost a parent. No more. No more in 2010.
Donations to the Lakewood Officers:
Donations to Deputy Mundell:
Lisa Brenton compassionately asked that any donation to her family be given to the LPD at the site above.
Off. Tim Brenton, EOW 10/31/09

FOUR Lakewood Officers, EOW 11/29/09:
After being shot on 12/22, Deputy Kent Mundell's EOW is 12/29:

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