Wednesday, December 02, 2009

EOW 11.29.09

My last post was on the murder of SPD Officer Tim Brenton. This post is the same, X4. Yes we had FOUR Officers murdered on Sunday. It's just about unbearable and I don't even know any of them or their families.
I have nothing to offer them except my profound sadness. This does not help race relations for me and they weren't great to begin with. I view it as me/us vs. them. The mentality of what they, the killer and those that helped him, is that of an animal. I feel sick and heartbroken.
Thankfully a hero SPD was able to protect his life and shot the gunman like the animal he is. I am thrilled but it does nothing to ease the grief the families and NINE father and motherless children feel. I wish there was a hell that they all could burn in. To their supporters: do not go to court in support of these animals. It won't bode well for you. Do us humans a favor and just go away forever. They don't care about the deep pain they have caused - they are not human beings. Want proof of that pain check out or to see pictures of the devastation they helped to cause. I'd post them here but don't feel it's my place to do so.
In Memory:
Sgt. Mark Renninger
Officer Ronald Owens
Officer Tina Griswold
Officer Greg Richards

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