Monday, July 25, 2011

Diane Simmons 9/11/01

I have the honor of paying tribute to Diane Simmons. Both she and her husband of 19 years George were killed on 9/11 on American Airlines Flight 77. Wow they had a lot of friends and were very loved by friends and family.
Here are some messages and memories that I found to them both on so sad reading how much they are missed. Great, great people.
Diane miss you and George today and everyday. Think of you every single day thanks for being my big sister, love and miss you. Freddy Helm, Kew Gardens, New York
Diane and George had a unique ability to always make you feel at home, when you were with them. No matter where that was. They had initiated a yearly family gathering in 1992 at Rehoboth Beach at Easter time, that continues today. It is because of this gathering that Trish and I had decided to retire in that area. We try to emulate ourselves after them by continuing to share their legacy, by keeping the family traditions alive and well. Thanks to you and George for the love that you gave. We miss you both. Andy Ficarella, Lewes, Delaware
Thinking of you and George a lot these days. Sure do miss you guys. Andy & I had house built down in Lewes, Delaware the town next to Rehoboth. We'll be retiring there next year when Andy turns 55. If it wasn't for you and George we would not have known about this great Southern Delaware community. Wish you were here to enjoy this time with us. Love & miss you,
Tricia Ficarella, Massapequa Park, New York
Well Diane another birthday today for you and my 60th was two weeks ago I wish you and George were still here to celebrate with me I miss you guys today and think about you everyday. I had a hard time dealing with that awful day 9/11 but things have gotten better after talking about it in therapy, you know me never could handle loss. Thanks for being my big sister and never giving up on me, even when times were not going good for me and I was ready to give up on myself. They are building a national memorial at the WTC site with all the names of people lost on 9/11 you guys will be remembered always.LOVE FREDDY
Freddy Helm, Kew Gardens, New York
Ken and I were in Napa Valley CA on 9-11. We picked a restaurant we knew Diane and George would love and had a champagne toast to honor them. They were truly two of the finest people we have known. Marcie Reinertson, Johnson City, Tennessee
can't believe it has been 6 all still seems so real. I was going thru old pictures for Dad to put in a collage frame and came across quite a few of you. Pictures with Mom at our house, her wedding shower just family get togethers. As always you were smiling....I don't ever remember you not having a smile on your face. It was hard moving away from family and losing touch as I did. Although I will always have fond memories of spending time with you I feel a great sense of loss! I think of you often and back to days of yesteryear and smile. As always you are loved...
Kathleen Lewis (aka McMahon), Eugene, Oregon
It's so hard to get through each and every day without you but even harder today on the 6th anniversary.We miss you and all you meant to our family. Life does go on but it's not the same without you to enjoy it with. Miss you so much. Tricia Ficarella, Massapequa Park
cannot believe it's been six years. I still think of you and George often and I still ask myself what you would do when faced with difficult decisions. I am expecting my first baby at the end of October. I hope I can instill the same values and powers of positive thinking that you have in me. I miss you both deeply. Melinda Schnur, Falls Church, Virginia

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