Monday, July 25, 2011

Karen Kincaid 9/11/01

I have the honor of paying tribute to Karen Kincaid. Karen was 40 years old on 9/11. She was a passenger on American Airlines Flight 77. She was married to Peter Batacan and she was a Lawyer in Washington DC. From Karen's brother I found these words to describe her:

Hardworking. Industrious.
"This bashful, shy kind of girl really blossomed," Kincaid said, "really did well professionally."
Kincaid-Batacan, a graduate of Central College and Drake Law School worked as an intern for Sen. Charles Grassley and later as a clerk in the Iowa Supreme Court. In Washington, D.C., she served as an attorney for the Federal Communications Commission and later entered private practice in communications law for Wiley Rein and Fielding in Washington, D.C. She was a new adjunct professor at Catholic University's Columbus School of Law.

A quote that was said to be a favorite of Karen's was read at her memorial: “Life is short, and we do not have too much time to gladden the hearts of those who travel the way with us. So be swift to love, and make haste to be kind, and the peace of God will be always with you.”

Below are messages left both for and about Karen by friends and strangers on She is loved and missed..... I'm sorry.

It has been another year....I will never forget...and as long as this is here...every year I will write to give remembrance. My heart to Karen's family..God Bless...
Robin Ketchum, Des Moines, Iowa

To Karen's family: I enjoyed meeting Karen at Wiley. She was a very kind person to the junior attorneys. I think of her every 9/11.
Former Wiley Associate, Washington, District of Columbia

To Karen's Family: We will never forget Karen. Her name and memory carry on each and every day at our firm as we all remember her and her shining smile.
Debbie Jones (Wiley Rein), Washington, District of Columbia

I went to high school at WSR in Waverly, Iowa and church with Karen. We had so much fun in both. I think about her often and miss her. She has been and is always in my prayers. I miss you Karen and god bless.Your long time school and church buddy.
Kim Eveland, Overland Park, Kansas

A day doesn't go by that I don't say a prayer for you, Karen. You touched my family's life in so many ways. The world has been a sadder place since you were taken from us. To Peter, I ask that God give you the strength to carry on without your wonderful Karen. All my love, Joe Cesaitis Columbia, Maryland

To my dear friend, Karen: I miss you in my life. You were not only my friend, you were part of my family. I live with a hole in my heart, but I am trying very hard to live the way you showed me, with love, compassion, and an infinite capacity to forgive. I'm coming up short, Karen, but I'm trying. Know that I love you, that I will forever keep you with me, and I pray for Peter and your brothers and sisters every day. Love always, Maureen Ellicott City, Maryland

I long to hear your voice, see your smile and hear your infectious laughter. I love you and miss you, my sister. Kay Damico, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

Karen was my sister. Such good childhood memories fill my heart - times of laughter and playing Matt Dillion and Miss Kitty, or swing on the porch swing at 404 2nd St., our childhood home. Karen was a shy child - but grew up into a powerful and most accomplished lawyer, though she would never say so. Her values never changed - for she carried them in her heart. Farewell, my dear sister, I say, but only for a little time. I will see you in the heavenly mansions, never to be separated again. You taught me much. I love you. Kris Kincaid, Dubuque, IA

On the morning of September 11th, I lost a better part of me. The hole in my heart is crippling. I love you and miss you Karen. Oh, to touch your hand or hear your voice. Karyl Kincaid-Noel,
Waverly, Iowa

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