Friday, February 08, 2008

Game is still on for Sunday

I don't know why but the game seems to be still on for Sunday in Moses Lake. The picture looks less like a road than my other post. Sheesh.

Restrictions Eastbound:Pass Closed

Restrictions Westbound:Pass Closed

Conditions & Weather:Avalanche control work continues and it is now estimated that I-90 Snoqualmie pass will not open earlier than Saturday morning. Opening the roadway will be based on avalanche risk analysis. The roadway will be opened when it is safe to do so. WSDOT will give updates as work progresses and information becomes available. // Snowing, blowing snow and poor visibility


Rex Zeitgeist said...

So the game is on, but the pass is closed?

Nice....for the home team

Kelly said...

Since the pass is suppose to be closed until tomorrow I guess the game is off. Would be nice if someone from the Youth Soccer league would let the team know.